4 Sessions To Boost Your Game


Here's How We Can Help Your Game

Our course is covered over 3 sessions and will take anyone from beginner level and teach them the core framework for becoming an excellent golfer.

Our professional golfers will show you everything from how to position yourself for the tee-off to putting the ball. 

This is a complete 'how to' that will show you the ins and outs of golf.

If you are looking to take up golf or improve your current Handicap you will benefit from this course.

Long Game

This training session focuses on setting up your stance. You will be shown how to create distance from the ball, position in the stance, posture, grip, interlock grip, grip routine, the swing, the backswing, release, weight transfer, positioning your club, positioning the driver & handling the driver.

Short Game

Well, if the long game doesn't give you enough to learn, the short game will give you plenty more. This focuses on putting & chipping. You will learn about putting, gripping the putter, direction, distance & control, long putt, chip & run, high chip & run, long chip & run, practice drills & 7 more techniques


To finish off your coaching you will learn about: measuring club length & warm up, football/soccer ball drill (for leg action), advanced drill, bad leg action, ball between wrist drill (for arm action), shadow drill (for hip movement), training clubs.


For a limited time, we are also going to include a 4th training session which will cover course management and etiquette.

During this bonus session you will learn about:

  • Course Management,
  • Teeing Off,
  • Chipping For The Green,
  • Drawing and Fading,
  • Hitting It Straight, Hitting A Fade, Managing Slopes.

What You Will Receive

  • Unlimited access to our on-demand golf training videos
  • Optional DVD version of the training
  • 4 Training Sessions - Suited to all skill levels
  • 15 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Only $49.97 for lifetime access


Learn every aspect of the game from a professional golfer

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